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Infinite Promises Healing Center Membership

Infinite Promises Healing Center is a haven that caters and educates individuals that are in need of healing, of mind, body, and soul. For individuals that are curious about communication with Spirit, the After Life, and who are looking for a peaceful understanding of God, Our “ Infinite Creator.”

Membership for I.P.H.C. would entitle members with:

  •      50% off of Mediumship Gallery
  •      20% off Workshops
  •      20% off Crystal, Angel, and Reiki Certifications
  •      Priority invitations to Special Events
  •      Each member that enlists a friend for membership will receive a Spirit Reading and Prosperity Package
  •      Each member will be responsible to participate in 2 Community
  •      Fund raising events per year.

Membership Dues is $50.00 per year. Click button below, print form, return form with check  for dues.