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Judith Ramos

Judith Ramos

Healer & Spiritual Advisor

Judy was first connected with spirit many years ago as a young child and began to further develop her spiritual skills in 1971 and continue to build her foundation under notable spiritualist. She is currently enrolled at Morris Pratt Institute Association working towards her certification in Spiritual Mediumship. 

As an active member of the First Spiritual Church of Quincy and the Wigwam Spiritualist Camp at Onset, Massachusetts, she serves as a guest medium and lecturer for spiritual churches throughout Massachusetts. In addition to her spiritual work at these churches, she is also a co-owner of Spiritual Destiny and a co-founder of Infinite Promises Healing Center in New Bedford, Massachusetts, where those in need can reach out for spiritual and healing guidance.

Judy’s spiritual offerings include Spiritual Readings (messages and guidance from loved ones in the spirit world), Energy Healings (i.e. Marconics, crystals, herbs, oil, etc.), and Physical Mediumship (i.e. Table Tipping, Trumpet, etc.).